About Us

OmitMedia has built a reputation for the production of innovative, exciting graphic design and creative print.
As well as clients throughout Lagos Nigeria. We recognise 
that it is not just good design and ideas that are important, good execution is vital as well; to win client confidence, and ensure client satisfaction.

Every project done yield as expected with smooth project management from initial strategy to final delivery,
with effective communication and financial control at each 
stage. OmitMedia has over 8 years of design and print solutions, we have a range of experience and local knowledge to bring to your project.

At OmitMedia, it’s only ever been about one thing; working with our clients to develop the best possible marketing collateral. We love what we do and we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Omitogun Olanrewaju (Managing Director)
Hassan Afeez A. (Production Manager)
Oyesade Muyideen (Assist. PM)


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